RC Helicopter - Syma Blade Electric Gyro Helis

 RC Helicopters are a great way to get into the remote control helicopter hobby. Steering RC Mini helicopters might be tricky at first, but after time you'll master your skills. A beginner micro RC helicopter will work just fine until you hone your skills behind the controls. Here at painballgunwarehouse.com we will teach you the tricks to becoming an expert mini heli pilot. 

RC Helicopter

 An example of an RC Helicopter, just before take off.

  We are going to take a stab in the dark here and assume that you, the reader, can’t afford to own your own personal helicopter. Unless you’re Diddy, DiCaprio or the Donald, it’s unlikely that you’ve got the extra cash lying around to purchase a helicopter. If you’ve come to this site it is likely your mind has already gone down this path and you’ve come to accept this sad fact that it is unlikely you will ever record a hit song, get to make out with models and make movies on a daily basis, or have the money and (hair) style of the Donald. So what do you do?—the next best thing—you get a cool new toy. The RC Helicopter world is huge, with brands, makes, models, kits, controls, accessories, decals, motors…you name it. It’s a wide world and there is so much information to learn when you are just getting started, but hopefully we can help you out with some basics. My friends are much more seasoned that I, when it comes to hands on experience flying and working on these beasts. However, I have spent some time behind the controls of one of these RC choppers and I have to say, it's an aboslute blast. If you're a control freak, this is the outlet for you!

 black and red rc helicopter ready for flight

If you are interested in getting into the RC Helicopter hobby it is obvious that you have a love for all things helicopter. Let’s face it, helicopters have a certain appeal, an allure you may say, that planes do not. There is something much more romantic and even powerful about the helicopter. There is something beautiful about the lift of the aircraft with its horizontal rotors—the aircraft slowly rising off the ground to take flight. You won’t find those subtle, but exciting nuances in plane flight. We’re probably not saying anything you haven’t already experienced or thought of before, but these intense feelings about RC Helicopters is what makes the gas RC Helicopter community so intense, even fanatical about their hobby. There are few hobby communities that can rival the loyalty that RC fans have for their particular obsession (and trust me, obsession is the right word). It is this world of hardcore RC Helicopter fanatics that you we will help you try to understand. Like we’ve said before, it’s a big RC Helicopter world out there but we’ll do our best to help educate you to the more important aspects of the hobby because if you dive in without any knowledge, you might find yourself at the hobby store more often than you ever imagined.

black hawk yellow and black rc helicopter

The first thing many people think about when they see someone in the park flying a RC Helicopter is that it looks fun—like a toy. The fact is that most serious RC Helicopter enthusiasts see their RC Helicopter as more than just a toy, but as a model aircraft, something they’ve spent maybe hundreds of hours working on to perfect its look and style. But the beauty of the hobby is that it can be whatever you want it to be. If you want a prepackaged, pre-built RC Helicopter to play around with in your free time in the park you can do that. If you want to buy a custom RC Helicopter kit to build yourself, to design and take care of like you would any full-size vehicle, then you can do that as well. The opportunities for Chopper building and flying are endless. Whatever kind commitment you want to have (or not have) to the RC Helicopter hobby is perfectly doable thanks to the wide variety of difference styles, models and RC Helicopter kits available, as well as the differing degrees in RC Helicopter difficulty. You don’t have to be an expert in electric RC Helicopters to get into the hobby. No matter what stage you are at in your learning there is a great selection of RC Helicopters to choose from to meet your needs. 

blue and black rc helicopter finished

Again, there is so much to know about RC Helicopters but keep reading with us and we are sure you will much closer to being an RC Helicopter expert in no time. There are fewer more rewarding hobby moments then when you finally get your RC Helicopter up in the air after spending many painstaking, but satisfying hours assembling and tweaking the many micro RC Helicopter parts. When you bring that RC Helicopter back down to the ground for a smooth landing and admire its flight patters to make adjustments you think necessary, you will really understand the ownership that many electric RC Helicopter enthusiasts have for the hobby. Hobby doesn’t even seem like the right word for it.

There are tons of different quality brand names including Syma, Blade, Gyro, Walkera, Air Hogs, Esky and others.  They can be electric, indoor, outdoor, gas powered, large and mini sized.  In other words...there's no shortage of choice!

If you don't want to mess around with the fuel and glow plugs for your newly found hobby, perhaps electric rc helicopters are the way to go. There are several benefit to owning (and flying) an electric rc helicopter over even a high end gas rc helicopter. You won't have to worry about as many rc helicopter parts with an electric rc helicopter. You might not go as fast, have the cool sound you'd get from a gas rc helicopter or necessarily be doing any wild tricks, but the electric rc helicopters are very nimble in their own right and are very easy to maintain.

If you're into espionage or just want to spy on someone in the next room, the rc helicopter camera is becoming more affordable making it more popular as well. The Indoor rc helicopter has been a favorite for a long time, but hasn't been too discrete in the past. Whether it was the buzzing motors from all the rc helicopter parts or the size of the unit; now there are mini rc helicopter options on the market that are not only simple and easy to fly, you can easily mount a rc helicopter camera to them and be spying on your girlfriend in no time! You can think me later for the head's up. I would highly recommend picking up an indoor rc helicopter or mini rc helicopter before taking the plunge into purchasing a top dollar gas helicopter. You don't want to find yourself replacing a bunch of rc helicopter parts more often than you're actually flying the thing! So after you pick up your indoor rc helicopter, shop around for the perfect rc helicopter camera if you want to get the dirt on someone!

If you're looking for a relatively safe way to have fun with your kids or just want to pick up a new hobby, picking up this as a hobby is a great way to kill some time, spend some money and have fun outdoors. Don't be intimidated by flying something around that could potentially crash; people usualy get the hang of it after a few times behind the controls. I hope this blog proves beneficial for those who are pondering whether or not to get into the addicitive hobby. I, myself am pretty new to it but I love it and plan adding to my remote control collection in the very near future.